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Restaurant Equipment- Pick-up the right ones

Owning a restaurant is common dream among countless number of people across the world. For some or the other reasons many people have opened up their own little eatery shop at the corner of their home town. They want to serve high quality food to their customers and rake in the profits resulting from it. With such high overheads even small amount of profit helps them to get motivated. However, getting the right restaurant equipment is vital to run any kind of food business.

A One-Step Store

Katom.com is the world’s leading online retailer that offers huge amount of exclusive kitchen products at superior and cost effective rates. Order now and get great discounts and other profits by using katom coupons. Their catalog includes extensive selection of kitchen supplies, bar supplies, commercial refrigeration, counter top and janitorial supplies.

Various restaurant equipments

  • Production Equipments- These equipments are core of the kitchen. As the name suggests these kinds of equipments are used to produce food. No matter what kind of restaurant you are about to open, you will definitely need equipments to cook and produce food. Generally the cook-line consists of convection oven, fryer, boiler, grill, steam kettle and steamer. Across the cook line area there will be dish-up area which includes sandwich prep table, hand wash, sinks, microwaves, toasters and plates. However the preparation area will incorporate baker’s bins, portion scale, preparation sinks, food cutter, mixer and slicer.
  • Receiving, storage and Dishwashing Equipments- Receiving and storage equipments include walk-in refrigerator/ freezer that help in keeping your food fresh. Also to get food more organized and accounted one needs to have shelves which makes calculating inventory much easier. Dishwashers with sanitizing detergents are generally preferred by owners to ensure that the machine will work properly to health department standards. However, high temperature dishwashers require less amount of detergent than low temp ones.
  • Bar Equipment- For having a functional bar, you need to equip items such as cash register, an ice machine, an ice bin, three compartment sink with drain boards, a soda and beer dispensing machine, bottle opener, ice crushers, a glasses washer, wine cooler and other miscellaneous tools.


Wrapping up

Starting your own restaurant is one of the most interesting decisions you have ever taken in your life. Food industry is a sector which will always stay up in demand. But for having the latest restaurant equipments you need to be more careful and attentive

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Find the Appropriate Commercial Fryers-Go Online!

When you are searching for the suitable commercial flyers, the better way to go for is through Internet. There are several reasons why you wish to go on-the-web in order to pick the better choice for your purpose. Knowing these reasons can help you in saving your cash and you can smartly take the step to get the best one.

In general, you may get confused about which site to visit in order to get your favorite one. There are myriad of online shop that offers these kinds of items, however after few studies and analysis it has been found that one best and well-admired shop is katom.com. Well, the best thing over here is that you can even use Katom Coupons to get marvelous deals.

Given below are the most significant reasons:


  • One: There are various kinds of fryers obtainable these days. It is vital when searching for the proper one take your time and search out what kind of fryers you are actually looking for. It will aid in deciding what type would be the perfect according to the requirements.


  • Two: Saving bucks while purchasing on any piece of equipment is always a smart decision. By online shopping, you will be able to spend more time to compare the dissimilar rates. Every type of fryer will have a dissimilar price & few among them will also have diverse prices. If time is taken, you can save even extra cash. Saving bucks online is simple to do if you simply take our time to match up to prices of fryers.


  • Three: Most of the business owners do not have extra time left in their tiring daily schedules to go out for shopping. By using the net, you will be able to save your precious money without hassle.

These strategies can directly help you to save your hard earned money and time. These are even proved strategies. It will absolutely save your bucks a lot and even time. So, be an active shopper and use the internet now to get the best commercial fryers, so that you can get the right one.

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Table Covers – Throw a memorable party

Your entire hard work and innovation will be thrown into dustbin, if the table covers you have used on your party tables are not attractive. No decoration arrangements can be made without table covers. Vibrant colored table covers can make the overall arrangements look automatically good. Dull colors; obviously not look very impressive as they could not catch much attention as bright colors can. Always try to make your party tables look more impressive and attractive by using appealing colors and color combinations.

A One-Step Store

Katom.com is the world’s leading online retailer that offers huge amount of exclusive kitchen products at superior and cost effective rates. Order now and get great discounts and other profits by using katom coupons. Their catalog includes extensive selection of kitchen supplies, bar supplies, commercial refrigeration, counter top and janitorial supplies.

Decorations you would prefer

With a colorful table cloth on the party table, you can focus on adding some more accessories over it. Use a combination of candles and vases for putting it over the table cloth. Make sure that their color compliments the color of table cover. For instance you can place three crystal vases in a single line and four candles adjacent to those vases. You can have variety of candles and vases in the market. One great option is to have pillar candles which are slim and long. This will give the entire decoration a very classy and elegant look. Floating candles can also appeal well into the eyes of the guests.

Where they can be used

Customers easily get attracted to something new and innovative. Various party and even management companies are going with this idea of decoration. This new idea will add a new and unique flavor to the whole event. In some cases customers create their own style while designing as with event management companies. You can also get your own design modified and designed more innovatively. The color combinations suggested by customers can do great wonders. Most of the customers think that expensive styles and designs will look more attractive but it is not at all true. Apply your creative mind and get the best ever party ideas with the help of colorful table covers. Go with big or small print, anything will look great on table.

Wrapping up

If you are planning for throwing a memorable party for your friends, don’t forget to bother the table cover you are using on the party tables. It can easily create a magical effect on their minds.

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Versatility of Commercial Ice Making Machines!


A commercial ice making machine is always an indispensible sort of equipment for any business whose main action is serving cold beverages to the common public. Fresh ice is always required in bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes and fast food outlets. A commercial ice making machine is supposed to produce ice fast to satisfy the continuous demand of every customer instantly.

There are many important considerations that need to take into account while buying a commercial ice making machine, such as:


  • Firstly you need to determine how much ice you require regularly.
  • Make sure to check the dimensions of your chosen product. It must fit well into your intended space.
  • If your ice making machine has air vents, these must be kept clear so that air may air circulate properly.
  • Ice-making machines should not be situated in a cool area as they are made to run at a room temperature of 20°C.
  • If your intended space is short but you need a large quantity of ice cubes, the traditional cube-making machine is the best alternative to choose.

The Best Shopping Site:
If you are planning to buy any type of good quality commercial ice making machine at best discounted price, look no further than http://www.katom.com since this online dealer is versatile enough to meet the needs of all the customers by giving them good quality products at cheap price, with free shipping facility and even handful discounts too in terms of katom coupons.

Types of Commercial Ice Making Machines:

There are typically three types of commercial ice making machine available in the market that are:

  • Ice cube machine
  • Small ice making machine
  • Ice flake machine.

These three different styles are well suited to varying purposes of your business needs.


  • Ice Cube Making Machines:

It is the most widespread type of ice making machine. It makes ice cubes for ice buckets and drinks. This machine can be either water-cooled or air-cooled. This type of ice making machine gives crystal clear and solid ice cubes that are long lasting in the glasses of cold drinks and ice buckets.


  • Small Ice Making Machines:

This type of machine is ideal for small business premises. This machine is significant even in the small café, bar, guesthouse or bistro. Flake machines are perfect to engender flakes to present chilled items in butchers, delicatessens or in specialist bars for milkshakes or cocktails.


  • Ice Flake Machines:

This type of machine is incredibly versatile as they are used in many different industries to serve their purposes. This machine is greatly useful in cocktail bars, bakery and butchery. It is great even to transport medicines as flaked ice is sanitary and clean. This machine is specifically manufactured to produce flakes that are dry and don’t stick together.

Bottom Line:

So just pick the right type of ice making machine for boosting your business demand and growth and be an invincible businessman!

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Cake Baking Supplies: Deck Out Your Edible Formations

The Prologue

This thing doesn’t make any difference that you are an expert in decorating awesome looking cakes or just a recent starter, the process of decorating a cake turns up to be the easiest one only if you have already brought together all the needed tools. The tool which is utilized for the purpose of icing should be at the crest of the kit which will be used by you for the purpose cake decoration. These assisting equipments are obtainable in an assortment of styles and dimensions. Although the icing tips which are produced from plastic are easily obtainable on the contemptible prices; the icing tips which are nickel-coated are most of the time more consistent and they last for a longer period of time.

Suggestions Which Can Assist You


A better manner to give a start to cake decoration is by making the use of the tips which are round in shape and this suggestion is for the reason that these sorts of tips could be used for the purpose of engraving, strings, letters, piping dots, as well as scripting on the cake. Other than the round shaped tips for the purpose of decoration, a few more recommendations or the ‘must haves’ of the decoration kit are basket, petal, leaf and the star style tips and these should be there in your tool kit for the reason that these are a nice compliment for your stuff used in decoration. These equipments could be acquired in a set or separately. After that you need to arrange a coupler and a pastry bag.

The work of a coupler is to fasten as well as protect the pastry bag tip. It includes a cone which is placed in the bag & a ring which gets fixed firmly from the outer side of the bag above the tip. The other item which you might already enclose on hand which could be used for the purpose of decorating the cake is a cookie cutter. These items prove to be a great option for making shapes, outlines, and stencils. The other tool which could lend you a hand in decorating a cake in an excellent way is a flower nail. So, in case you have a desire to give a tempting look to your formations, then, visit to http://www.katom.com and avail heavy discounts by using Katom Coupons.

The Extract

So, get the hold of these brilliant equipments and give a beautiful shape to your imaginations.

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