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Restaurant Equipment- Pick-up the right ones

Owning a restaurant is common dream among countless number of people across the world. For some or the other reasons many people have opened up their own little eatery shop at the corner of their home town. They want to serve high quality food to their customers and rake in the profits resulting from it. With such high overheads even small amount of profit helps them to get motivated. However, getting the right restaurant equipment is vital to run any kind of food business.

A One-Step Store

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Various restaurant equipments

  • Production Equipments- These equipments are core of the kitchen. As the name suggests these kinds of equipments are used to produce food. No matter what kind of restaurant you are about to open, you will definitely need equipments to cook and produce food. Generally the cook-line consists of convection oven, fryer, boiler, grill, steam kettle and steamer. Across the cook line area there will be dish-up area which includes sandwich prep table, hand wash, sinks, microwaves, toasters and plates. However the preparation area will incorporate baker’s bins, portion scale, preparation sinks, food cutter, mixer and slicer.
  • Receiving, storage and Dishwashing Equipments- Receiving and storage equipments include walk-in refrigerator/ freezer that help in keeping your food fresh. Also to get food more organized and accounted one needs to have shelves which makes calculating inventory much easier. Dishwashers with sanitizing detergents are generally preferred by owners to ensure that the machine will work properly to health department standards. However, high temperature dishwashers require less amount of detergent than low temp ones.
  • Bar Equipment- For having a functional bar, you need to equip items such as cash register, an ice machine, an ice bin, three compartment sink with drain boards, a soda and beer dispensing machine, bottle opener, ice crushers, a glasses washer, wine cooler and other miscellaneous tools.


Wrapping up

Starting your own restaurant is one of the most interesting decisions you have ever taken in your life. Food industry is a sector which will always stay up in demand. But for having the latest restaurant equipments you need to be more careful and attentive


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